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$25 - Standard Pack

includes Group Photo (20x25cm) + Portait (15x20cm) + two Pocket Prints (5x7cm)

Pack Image
$30 - Share Pack

includes STANDARD PACK + two Portaits (12x17cm)

Pack Image
$40 - Premium Pack

includes SHARE PACK + two Portraits (10x15cm) + two more pocket prints + three ID prints

Pack Image
$50 - Deluxe Pack

includes PREMIUM PACK + Download + Enlargement (20x25cm) + more portraits (15x20cm, 12x17cm)

Pack Image
$20 - Group Photo

includes Group Photo (20x25cm) only, no portraits

Pack Image
$25 - Digital Pack

($10 if as extra pack) Download includes high resolution portrait and group photo, delivered to your email

Pack Image
$30 - Family Photo Pack

includes Group Photo (20x25cm) and three Family Photo (one 15x20cm + two 12x17cm)

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